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Post by Chrissy on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:01 pm

Before you start posting here at RP Chrissy, must make sure that you are following these rules:

  1. Everything must be PG 13
  2. No rudeness, intolerance, or bashing of other members - debates are fine as long as everything is kept under control. It is always possible to state an opinion without being rude or hurtful to another person.
  3. No powerplaying / be realistic. A 10-year-old is not going to be able to take on an army all by himself. In your own threads, you can have AUs where this rule doesn't have to be enforced, but this must be stated on the first post.
  4. Everyone here is to be treated fairly - there is to be no intolerence for other religions, races, genders, sexuality, etc. Additionally, not including someone because they are new or aren't as advanced as you is also a rulebreak - exceptions can be made if you state post quality minimums in the first post of your thread.
  5. No spamming - You shouldn't be posting more than once at a time in a thread unless there is a reason (for example, posting a journal or diary for your character, where you are the only one posting and each post represents a new entry). Posting excessively without giving anyone else a chance to post in between is spam, as well as posting nonsense or unnecessary posts.
  6. No Godmodding. This means that only the mods are allowed to enforce the rules - if you see someone breaking the rules, do NOT confront them about it. Instead, report them and let the staff take care of it. The reason for this is that when someone points out a rulebreak to another they are no longer equals. Instead, one is assuming an authority over another, which is unfair. Unless you have received a promotion from one of the Admins, you are NEVER entitled to a staff position.


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