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RULES >> Planet Animalia

Post by Chrissy on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:03 pm

These rules only apply to roleplays within the Planet Animalia Universe. Remember that breaking these will result in the same punishments as breaking the main rules. These rules are in addition to the main site rules.

  1. No humans can be played in this board
  2. Powers cannot be used unless they were "purchased" - click here to see the shop
  3. No powerplaying. This means that although this is a "fantasy" roleplay and is not necissarily realistic (talking animals and powers, for example), you must still follow the rules of physics and play fairly. This means that if your character is a domestic cat, they simply cannot win a fight against a group of hyenas. Powers make this a little more difficult, but the shop explains the limitations of each power.
  4. No spamming - You shouldn't be posting more than once at a time in a thread unless there is a reason (for example, posting a journal or diary for your character, where you are the only one posting and each post represents a new entry). Posting excessively without giving anyone else a chance to post in between is spam, as well as posting nonsense or unnecessary posts.
  5. More rules may be added


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